Eisenmann AG ceramics production

Perfect porcelain requires perfect technology

The production of ceramics is one of humanity’s oldest cultural technologies. The combination of proven knowledge and the use of the most modern technologies enables the manufacture of ceramics of the highest quality. This is also an area of expertise for Eisenmann AG with headquarters in Böblingen.

Eisenmann is one of the internationally leading suppliers of systems in the areas of surface technologies, materials flow automation, ceramics, thermal process technology and environmental technology. In their numerous branches in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, China and Thailand, the company employs about 2,600 staff. Eisenmann offers complete firing production lines for crockery and sanitary ceramics with a fully automatic flow of materials from the forming right on to sorting and packaging.
Well-known customers such as the Royal Porcelain Manufactury rely on the quality delivered by Eisenmann. In order to attain to the high expectations of their end customers, the Eisenmann company employs components from WATZ Hydraulik in their kilns and machinery such as spray glazing systems and driers.

For Eisenmann AG, the name WATZ Hydraulik stands for professional know-how, cutting-edge technology and customer oriented service and it ensures the best possible result for every end customer.