Hydroelectric power plant, VAG GmbH

Handling vast quantities of water

Hydroelectric power plants in Asia

VAG GmbH moves water – in every order of magnitude. The company located in Mannheim manufactures innovative and reliable fittings. The product range comprises the most modern technology in the water and waste water management sector with many customer-specific solutions. Everywhere where water is treated, pumped, stored and distributed, VAG gate valves and butterfly valves, globe valves and hollow-jet discharge valves, vent and bleed valves, control valves and hydrants play an important role. What really count here are durability and reliable function over decades. 
This is because repairs or the replacement of the fittings which often weigh tons, is costly, for example in dams.

Water and waste water management usually mean extreme demands on equipment. Fittings must be able to withstand high water pressures or extreme temperatures and weather, regardless of whether in the desert or in tropical climates. Even for these demanding scenarios, WATZ Hydraulik has the right solutions. As a VAG GmbH partner, the company is currently supplying hydraulic units for two projects underway in Indonesia and China from their location in Central Hesse.

WATZ is supplying one complete hydraulic unit for the construction of a hydroelectric plant in Indonesia. The hydraulic drives primarily serve the purpose of driving and controlling the hollow-jet discharge valves that are installed. The hollow-jet discharge valves are regulated via the oil hydraulics for the turbines. Should there be a failure of the turbines, the fittings open of their own accord within a maximum of four seconds. This approach prevents pressure surges in the system. The differential cylinders delivered from the ZM series with 250 bar are operated synchronously. Of course, the cylinders are equipped with the necessary corrosion protection. Reliability and safety are the key requirements in this project, as it deals with sluice operation for the 150 km Asahan River in Indonesia.