Broad product range

Full service in the area of hydraulics

Ever since its founding more than 40 years ago, the name WATZ Hydraulik has stood for all types of technically advanced solutions. We fabricate hydraulic products for applications in diverse areas.
The name WATZ Hydraulik can be found everywhere efficient power transmission is what counts – both nationally and internationally.

Here is an overview of our product range. Any information you cannot find here can be obtained upon request.

Specialized and project-specific cylinders

Industry-sector and project-specific cylinders to your requirements and specifications.

Watz standard cylinders

Thanks to many years of experience, Watz has their own range of high-performing cylinders.

Standard ISO cylinders

All industry standard hydraulic cylinders from Watz are tested to DIN, AD Regulations, ASME, ANSI, ATEX as well as DIN ISO 9001.

Block cylinders

Compact block cylinders with different piston diameters and means of attachment.

Pressure amplification cylinders

Ideal for pressure increases in high-pressure forming or as media converters.

Hydraulic stations/special projects

Watz Hydraulik carries out project planning and the realization of hydraulic complete solutions for many different areas of application in industry. These include hydraulic stations as well as hydraulic power sources.

Hydraulic drive assemblies

Watz Hydraulik produces hydraulic assemblies in all sizes: From compact mini drive units with a 2.5 litre tank volume up to modular drive assemblies with 800 litre tank volumes. Special assemblies with a tank volume of up to 30,000 litres are also included in our range.

Control blocks and systems

We supply individual and ideally adapted hydraulic control blocks. Fully integrable and as self-contained systems.

Accumulators and accumulator stations

Fully installed, operationally ready systems including all required valves, fittings and safety components. As an individual accumulator unit or a back-up version.

Hydraulic test benches

The performance spectrum delivered by Watz ranges from standard test benches for serial applications to highly complex test benches.  

Metal briquetting presses and systems

Individual chip and grinding sludge presses for reclaiming cooling lubricants and processing valuable residual substances resulting from production.

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